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The QUIP System is a suite of programs for cleaning recoding and tabulating survey data used for many years by professional tab houses and major marketing and media research organizations.

While the QUIP System was specifically designed to process survey data, it can be used with nearly any data that is stored in, or can be exported to, a flat file., including ASCII, EBCDIC and 360 column-binary.

The programs in the QUIP System are now free for both personal and commercial use under the terms of this LICENSE.

The components of the QUIP System are:

  QTAB   Fully annotated cross-tabulations
  QGEN   Data cleaning and recoding
  QMARG   Marginal counts and frequency distributions
  QBAL   Weighting on multiple variables (IPF/raking)

The programs are entirely script driven and run from a Windows command prompt. Their common syntax permits logical and artihmetic expressions of any complexity. Batch productivity features include command line parameters, modular specification files, lookup dictionaries and condtional processing. Full run listings make every job self-documenting.

NOTE: Under current versions of Windows, QUIP Programs must run as Administrator in order to write run listings to disk. All other output files are written to disk regardless of administrator status. QUIP Programs can run from a Windows Command Prompt or in a Windows PowerShell session.

Download QUIP Software programs and documentation.

Here are some examples of QUIP specifications applied to a variety of tasks.

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