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QGEN provides advanced capabilities for logical validity checking, data conversion, recoding, merging and extraction of flat file data, and report generation.

Logical, arithmetic and conditional instructions allow operands defined in the QUIP specification language to be manipulated, converted or compared at the field, byte or bit level. Programming features looping, subroutines, substitution dictionaries and table look-ups.

Supported data types include ASCII, EBCDIC, column-binary, packed decimal, floating point and 1/2/4-byte signed or unsigned integers. Nearly any other data type can be converted to a supported type through the extensive recode capabilities of the software.

Full control over multiple input and output streams allow data to be merged from different sources, split into separate files or trailerized into master/detail files. Information can be cumulated or carried between records and new records created or inserted into files.

QGEN is entirely script driven from plain text specification files, with command line parameter passing and multi-level includes, making it ideal for batch operations on large data sets.

Here is a Summary of QGEN instructions and keywords.

QGEN User's Guide (pdf).