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QUIP software was designed for cleaning, recoding and tabulating survey data, but its versatility makes it a powerful tool for verifying, manipulating or analyzing nearly any kind of data that is stored in, or can be exported to, a flat file.

The examples listed below demonstrate various ways in which QUIP software can be used to solve a variety of problems.

This simple QGEN script is designed to convert a mainframe line printer file to print correctly on a PC printer.

These two QGEN scripts convert records with data on separate lines into fixed length records and back again. This allows programs that expect each record to be on a single line to work with data exported from certain older statistical packages that read and write ASCII data as "cards."

This example demonstrates the use of QGEN to clean and recode a typical marketing research questionnaire with a product awareness, trial and usage grid coded as column binary data.

This example shows how to use QTAB to adjust weight targets when item non-response exists in a sample but is not accounted for in the target proportions.

This example demonstrates how to use QTAB significance testing library in post processing to test differences between the columns of a table for statistical significance.

This example shows how QUIP software was used to automate the monthly tabulation of an ongoing media study. Among other things, it features the use of QGEN as a program generator to build QTAB specs from a template. It also demonstrates how to use command line parameters and spec file includes in batch processing.