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QTAB is a full-featured cross-tabulation program designed to meet the requirements of professional tab houses and others who need to generate large numbers of publication-ready tables on a regular basis with.

QTAB is entirely script driven from plain text files. Extensive automation features include modular specification files with conditional skips and multilevel include of external files, data dictionaries, variable templates with macro substitutions and command line parameter passing.

The QUIP specification language permits arbitrarily complex logical and numeric cell definitions.  Both weighted and unweighted case counts and cumulated field values can be tabulated and displayed in each cell of a table simultaneously, along with as many as four different percentages or derived values. Many options are provided to format cell contents.

Titles, banners, stubs and footnotes can have almost unlimited amounts of annotation. Labels are entered exactly as they will appear in table output, so existing annotation from questionnaires, CATI programs, code lists or other documents can be used directly, without retyping.

Table options include automatic summary rows and columns, user-defined logical nets and rows or columns defined from other rows or columns, multi-level nested ranking of table rows based on the values in any column, side-by-side tabulation of similar variables in both dimensions, multiple table-level filters, run-time generation of numeric arrays and standard statistical measures (mean, median, SD, SE) using values in the data or applied externally. Tables can be derived arithmetically from other tables.

QTAB has a full set of post processing instructions that allow the contents and appearance of any range of table cells to be manipulated after tabulation.  A user-modifiable post processing library to apply significance testing between selected table columns may be downloaded from our web site.

QTAB handles an unlimited number of fixed or variable length records of up to 120,000 bytes, in any number of input files. Different data types are allowed, even within the same file, including ASCII, column-binary, packed decimal, floating point and signed or unsigned 1, 2 or 4-byte integers. Computations are performed in double-precision floating point, providing 15 digits of accuracy without the need for scaling or decimal place adjustments. Speed is unmatched by any other tabulation software.

The QTAB User's Guide and a fully functional demo version of QTAB are available for download .




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